Photography for Small Businesses

Every small business is packed with stories that should be shared. Photography is the best way to show your customers why they should choose you over the chain next door.

Why your small business needs to tell its story

Small businesses are all about stories. Maybe you took a leap. Maybe you struggled for the first few months. Maybe you work every hour under the sun doing the thing you love.

The UK loves independent shops. It's the people and passion that make small businesses so alluring - and customers love a backstory.

How to tell your story through photographs

Aside from chatting to you in person, the best way to communicate with your customers is through social media. That means having a pool of good-quality, personable photographs to choose from.

Your customers want to see you and your products in action. Shooting your pride and joy against a white background takes all the life out of it. Let's tell the real story.

So how shall we do it?

Let's work together on this one. I've got experience photographing small businesses and showing off the personalities behind them. Take a look at my work with Dialingin, the smallest coffee shop in Nottingham.

What will you receive?

Work with me and we'll tell the story of your brand through photographs and a blog post for your website. 

You'll be presented with fresh, high-quality content for your website and social media channels.

Prices start from £35. Email me or arrange a free Skype consultation to get started.