How I Work

Every photographer works differently, so it can be helpful to get an idea of their process before you start working together. Here's a quick rundown of my photography process, from start to finish.



1. Contact

If you need photographs for social media, your website or your blog, get in touch. Send me an email and I'll get back to you within 24 hours to arrange a consultation.

2. Consultation

You might know exactly what you want, or you might need a hand with the direction the photographs will take. Either way, we'll arrange a consultation over the phone, on Skype or in person to discuss your project.

It's always best to be thorough in the planning stage. A detailed chat now, combined with regular contact throughout, will make it easier for us to bring your vision to life.

We'll talk about the style of your images, your preferred locations, potential models, budgets, timings, and much more.



3. Creation

This is the fun bit. I'll get to work sourcing everything we need to create the images you want, from props and location-scouting, to finding a time that suits both of us.

Then I'll start shooting. We can arrange to shoot at your premises (if you run a business) or on location. Alternatively, I shoot in my home studio, with results ranging from clean white product photos to authentic lifestyle images.

For a more natural feel, we can shoot products or portraits in a variety of locations. 

4. Post-Shoot Review

Once the photos have been taken, I'll show you the raw, unedited files. Then I'll edit a small batch of photos in a way that aligns with what you laid out in the consultation.

If you're happy for me to continue, I'll edit the rest of the photos in a similar way. If you have some suggestions or comments, I'll put those into practice and repeat the process until you're happy.


5. Delivery

I'll deliver your images in digital or physical format, depending on what you'd prefer. My usual method is an online transfer, which means you get your hands on them as quickly as possible. 

Once the photos have been handed over, I like to arrange a post-delivery consultation. We can chat about how the project went, and discuss ideas for future collaborations.

Want to work together? Step 1 is dropping me an email.